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Gulf Shores Dolphin Cruises

More Than a Boat Ride… We Make Memories!

Policies / Bear Pt Harbor Marina 5749 Bay La Launch Ave Slip C  Orange Beach Al.

Dolphin Sighting and Interactions

  • Gratuity Policies, Deposit Refunds and Cancellation info are detailed below.
  • Reservations are Required.
  • UNREAD information COULD PREVENT and CXL your trip with us without the possibliity of refund!
  • Any Pkg. with Free Wave Runners Offered Require Refule Charges in exchange for Free Rental time. (see details and costs below under Wave Runner Refuel )
  • On the day of your trip DO NOT ARRIVE WITH ANY ADDITIONAL GUESTS REGARDLESS OF AGE , it is NOT Permitted !!
  • 48 Hours Notice is required by The United States Coast Guard for Barefoot Family Dolphin Safaris to COMPLY will all FEDERAL Safety Requirments as well as recalculate any additional costs.
  • There are no refunds if you choose to forfeit the trip because your last minute guest can’t be accomodated for after we agreed to the original resevation arrangement and the amount of  equipment needed and priced for your original group size.
  • Your are still responsible for the Entire Charter amt payable in full if you forefit your time with us.Equipment has been readied and fueled  for you personnaly. Captains and Crew assigned, and we cannot resell your pkg in such short notice.  So please let us know 48 hours prior to change the group size.
  • Please Arrive 30 min early.
  • Drive to 5749 Bay La Launch Ave Orange Beach Al 36561.
  • Remember these are wild dolphins. Dolphins can be seen 95% of the time when calm winds prevail and Days of FRESH Rain water HAS Not Flooded the Estuary. We can only Observe and Respond. These dolphin are not in Sea World and not trained to entertain.
  • We do not Guarantee sightings, feedings, or certain behavior of any wild animal and caution others to use common sense before booking with anyone that makes those types of promises.
  •  It is a Federal offense to to feed, swim, or harass dolphin in the Coastal and Inland waters of the United States.
  •  Swimming and feeding activities are ONLY permitted in Zoo environments. ie “Sea World”. (Some Search Engines have mis categorized Barefoot and have we been actively asking for corrections to be made)
  • Foreign countries do not have the same protection laws.
    Weather and social conditions in a dolphin colony Are Not in The Captains Control
    and WILL Effect any Captain’s chance to find dolphin.


Captains and Crews are a apart of the service industry.
Therefore if You received good service and had a good time with us gratuities are appreciated 🙂

( Marinas do not pay them for any services provided to your family and guests )
15 to 20 % is the suggested norm for the entire Crew including Captain which is shared equally among them.
However if a Captain/crew has to serve 6 or more guests 20% is automatically added.
Your trip like all trips with good charter companies have personnel trained in preliminary safety procedures until EMT first responders arrive if needed.
Crew are there to help and assist your family to make playtime easy.
Provide clean vessels after every trip
Stock on board coolers
Take pictures
Give important points and equipment to prevent you from receiving tickets and avoiding problems and TICKETS on the water
They show you how to get the most out of your equipment, your time with us and provide personal services.
We take you to places off the beaten path to see places we take our families !
Please report any poor service,any posted signs on our vessels or crew attempting to remind groups of gratuities ,or any unprofessional behavior.


  • Please DO NOT write about a negative experience related to a weather event, cloudy skies,or drizzle for ANY dolphin tour company you choose to use.  (All tour entities in our area do their best to encounter dolphin.Please be fair when sharing )
  • We are in a Sub Tropical Environment Captains cannot predict the weather or wild dolphin behavior.
  • We can only inform based on past individual personal encounters and some known or published material information.


Dolphin WaverunnerPreparing for your Trip !

  • Notify us of any health concerns when booking
    – Physical Restrictions
    – Allergies
    – Medicines carried aboard


Before You Arrive

  • Apply sunscreens…. sprays are not permitted on board.
  • Go to the Potty
  • Wear Bathing Suits if you are intending to get wet !
  • Bring Towels
  • Bring Snacks but NO BANANAS (will explain later:) )
  • Camera Optional


Wave Runner Requirements and Refuel cost for Free W/R pkgs. If Applicable.

Must Have a valid US State Issued Drivers Lic or learners

    • Must be 18 to operate a wave runner solo or with passenger

Jet Ski Rental Orange Beach

  • Must be 18 to Sign for any damages or loss to EWA LLC or any Property Owner
  • Must have a parent or any 21 yr old accompany any one under 18 operating a wave runner
  • (These are NOT Rentals They are part of your charter and are Deluxe Models )
  • **FREE W/R Pkgs provide 2 Runners** Extra runners additional cost per pkg.
  • Refuel chg apply to all Free W/R Pkgs Not the boat in your pkg.
  • Approx Refuel cost  per Runner   2Hr   $14 to $18  3Hr $19 to $24    All day $49 to $52
  • The W/Rs can be used together at once by the entire group OR have split use for family tubing. IT IS YOUR Choice to use the equipment provided any way you choose. IF your group is undecided and half wishes to tube we will then use one of the 2 runners provided for us to tube that part of the group and the rest and go on a run and return to take turns.
  • All groups are free to switch activities for everyone to participate.
  • Exclusive W/R use can be chartered separately for additional equipment cost.
  • You are in control of the use at any time



General Info

  • Charterers are completely responsible for all personal behavior and behavior of others while on board our vessels.
  • No Alcohol or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • All trips are private for you and your guests
  • All pkgs are limited to 6 passengers (some 8 passengers)
  • You Can buy multiple or (2 pkgs for larger groups (max 20)
  • Please arrive 30 min before boarding time and call for some to come meet you in the parking lot.
  • All of these details are provided in your confirmation text only sent to you once we have received your deposit to book your date.


Orange Beach DolphinBad Weather and Refunds

  • You are going to visit a sub tropical environment light drizzle, clouds overall cloudiness is typical along with pop up showers and possible full sun on any given trip during the year.
  • NON of these events constitutes a refund of any kind. IT IS THE NATURE OF BEING ON A CHARTER. Additionally if you elect not to fulfill you reservation based on conditions above or for ANY reason 24 hrs prior to your boarding time including the weather outlined above … NO Refund is given.
  • Keep your phone handy ONLY the CAPTAIN will call you if BAD WEATHER IS EMINENT (it is his trip and he will make that determination) THEREFORE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE.
  • A ” Bad Weather” Definition is Present Lightning AT our marina OR in the area we are going to (not where you are) Constant rain AT our marina (Not Where you are )
  • Weather May look bad where you are but fine where we are going to and may never reach us at all.
  • If BAD WEATHER IS eminent you may (between you and the Captain ONLY) agree to a better time for both of you. Or if cannot agree on a new time and cancel you will receive your deposit refund ( minus $35 which was collected at time the of your booking for admin fees paid to the Marina, not us )
  • IF second time is selected and both parties agree to that appt, no refunds are given at all if YOU want to change again or back out.   Deposits can be refunded prior to 24 hrs of your BOARDING time (minus $35 for Admin fees to Marina)
  • No Refunds once we leave the dock.


So Remember “We are more than a boat ride…. We make Memories”! We hope to meet you and your family so we can help create one of your Vacation Memories!

God Bless and a have a wonderful vacation in Orange Beach Al !